How to Stain and Seal a Log Cabin


Your log cabin represents a significant investment. Whether it’s your full time home or just somewhere you spend the summer, it’s important to protect and maintain your log cabin to the best of your ability. One of the best ways to protect and enhance the rustic look of your log cabin is to stain it, … Read more

Chinking A Log Cabin In 3 Steps

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If you’re a log cabin owner, you’ll know that chinking a log cabin is an important part of maintaining your property and ensuring it lasts for years to come. In short, chinking is the process of filling the gaps between logs in a log cabin, and is usually made from a mixture of cement, sand, … Read more

Full Log Home Repair Guide & Videos

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As a log home owner, log home repair is essential. Not only will log home repair keep your log home in top condition, but it will also help to preserve its value. Log home repair can be simple or complex, depending on the extent of the damage. In today’s post we’re breaking down log home … Read more

How To Insulate A Log Cabin Like A Pro

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If you’re a log cabin owner then you’ll need to know how to insulate a log cabin. Not only will it help to keep the temperature inside more stable, but it will also reduce the amount of energy you need to use (and therefore how much money you’ll spend) heating or cooling your log cabin. … Read more

How To Clean Log Cabin Exterior Walls

how to clean log cabin exterior walls

Keeping your log cabin in tip-top condition is essential to maintaining both its curb appeal and structural integrity. While the interior of your cabin may be the main focus of your cleaning efforts, the exterior is just as important. Depending on the type of log cabin you have, there are a few different methods you … Read more

Log Cabin Roofing Materials List

log cabin roofing materials

Planning on re-roofing your log cabin? You’re in the right place! In this post, we’re going to cover log cabin roofing materials. We’ll go over the most popular log cabin roofing materials and provide a brief overview of each one. Traditional Log Cabin Roofing Materials Let’s kick off with the most popular log cabin roofing … Read more

Log Home Maintenance Checklist for 2023

log cabin maintenance

Hello, log homeowners! Are you looking for a comprehensive guide to log home maintenance? Look no further than this log home maintenance checklist, which is packed with useful tips and advice to keep your log home in top condition. From routine tasks like cleaning and sealing to more advanced projects like log replacement or roof … Read more

Buying Log Cabin Flooring Made Easy 

log cabin flooring

It’s time to revisit one of our favourite topics here at lake mountain cabin – log cabin flooring! Why do we love log cabin flooring? Log cabin flooring is a versatile and aesthetically-pleasing option for any log home, cabin or other structure. Plus, it’s easy to install and maintain, making it a popular choice for … Read more